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Private credit – here, too, it depends on the creditworthiness.

Private credit - here, too, it depends on the creditworthiness.

The word personal loan has a double meaning. On the one hand, the institutions promote their loans to households as “personal loans”. On the other hand, this term also applies to loans from private to private. They are independent operating companies and naturally exercise the necessary economic prudence when granting loans. These include the Credit Bureau audits as well as the socioeconomic details of the borrower.

The lending process of credit institutions takes place as part of a quasi-automated credit process, which divides the applicants into the credit group to be refused. The situation is different with a personal loan. In the case of a private-to-private loan, a Credit Bureau query is not mandatory. If his creditworthiness is so low that he has no chance to get a bank loan, he still has the chance to induce investors to invest in his venture by appearing and convincing them.

However, a loan application is not possible if the so-called severe negative criteria such as insolvency or criminal order are met. Credit institutions like to regard self-employed people as their clientele, as long as they can offer them pension products or securities. Most institutions, however, are involved in a loan application, for example to the car loans. With private loans, however, the opportunities for freelancers and craftsmen are much better.

Loan seekers with the best credit

Loan seekers with the best credit

Anyone who thinks that the loans are the highest in the top two credit ratings is wrong. Loan seekers with the best credit are far less popular than one might suspect. The best credit ratings, as well as the weakest groupings, are more often seen as complementary to the credit portfolio. Private consumer credit represents a significant increase for consumers as it gives almost all borrowers the opportunity to get loans rather than working within the narrow railings of credit institutions.

If the creditworthiness in the wine cellar is correct, but nothing is lost. By a second borrower, the creditworthiness can be increased, which leads, for example, in the case of a married couple, that both spouses sign a loan agreement. The loan can be better secured for the lender by a default insurance, or a guarantor with a strong creditworthiness can combine with a guarantee.

Also, it may make sense to regulate your financial circumstances and repay several small loans with a larger loan, which in turn has a debt rescheduling effect. All of these influencing factors make it clear to the lender that although Credit Bureau does not have the best grade, the borrower nevertheless does its part to ensure the success of a good credit relationship.